Corporate Profile
  Established in February 2003, Jiangsu WELLE Environmental Co., Ltd is a pioneer in municipal solid waste and waste leachate treatment and has developed and expanded through a decade and more into a leading corporate in China, providing our clients with technologies and integrated solutions on leachate treatment, food waste treatment, kitchen waste and mixed garbage treatment, waste to energy (WTE), municipal sewage and sludge treatment, bio gas to energy, flue gas purification, soil and water pollution remediation, VOC oil vapor recovery, energy conservation and emission reduction, and other water, solid and air related technologies.

  WELLE boasts internationally best-in-class specialized technical staff and a management team with more than 1000 employees, including over 400 employees in the headquarter. The corporate adheres to the path of technology introduction, assimilation and re-innovation and apply foreign and domestic successful experience in urban construction and development into specific projects operation practices. Nowadays, we have possessed own know-how technologies and patents in leachate treatment and solid waste treatment directed to the actual environmental conditions in China.

  WELLE is accredited with qualifications for Grade A environmental projects contracting, operation of environmental pollution control facilities and designing of environmental pollution control projects. As a member of the China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation (CAUES) and the National Technical Committee on Municipal Sanitation of Standardization Administration of China, the corporate also participated in the establishment of several technical protocols and specifications of municipal solid waste (MSW) treatment and leachate treatment. Through the comprehensive cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known institutions of higher learning, companies, scientific research institutes and industry associations, we have accomplished several state-funded environmental research projects and international cooperation projects.
WELLE has attached great importance to market development of solid waste treatment. Upon our advanced technologies, widespread global marketing resources, favorable reputation in the industry, vast project operation experience and customer-oriented service attitude, WELLE has undertaken over a hundred projects that are technologically difficult in China, from which we are going global.

  Since successfully being listed on GEM board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, WELLE has taken full advantages of the capitals and technologies to provide comprehensive and overall technologies and services in waste collection and transportation, sorting, waste treatment and recycling for public facility clients. In parallel with ensuring fulfillment of process, equipment, projects and related services, WELLE has carried out projects construction in a market-oriented manner, pursuing diversified operations related to the main business to increase the efficiency of capital operation and management, improve WELLE’s competitiveness and forge WELLE as a well-known brand in the environmental protection industry in China.


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No. 156, Hanjiang Road, Xinbei District,
Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.C.
Tel: 0519-85125884

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